Sauna Woods

Abachi(Obachi) Wood

Puresteam, a leading supplier of sauna wood in the UAE, offers Abachi wood in three distinct styles: Bench panel, wall panel, and floor panel. Renowned for its comforting feel and exquisite, uniform structure, Abachi boasts a remarkable trait: its notably low thermal capacity and swift adaptation to body temperature. Unlike other materials, an Abachi shelf doesn’t merely match the surrounding temperature (like in a hot sauna); rather, it rapidly acquires the warmth of the person seated upon it. Its superior thermal insulation ensures that even in sauna conditions reaching 90-110°C, the surface temperature of an Abachi shelf remains a comfortable 40°C or below.


  • Wall Panel 2350 x 95 x 12mm
  • Bench Panel 2350 x 95 x 18mm
  • Floor Panel 2350 x 45 x 18mm

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