As the foremost sauna wood supplier in Dubai, Puresteam proudly presents an extensive array of sauna wood options, catering to your discerning preferences. Renowned for our reliability and quality, we offer an unparalleled selection including Hemlock, Canadian Cedar, Abache, and Spruce, ensuring a luxurious sauna experience in Dubai.


Abachi wood stands out for its excellent insulation properties and luxurious aesthetic, making it a popular choice for sauna construction. Renowned for its light color and smooth texture, Abachi wood creates a serene ambiance in any sauna space. As the leading supplier of sauna materials in Dubai, UAE, Puresteam offers top-quality Abachi wood sourced sustainably and crafted for durability. Elevate your sauna experience with the unmatched beauty and performance of Abachi wood from Puresteam.

spruce wood

Renowned for its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, Spruce wood is a favored material for sauna construction. Its light color and fine texture add elegance to any sauna interior, making it a popular choice not only for residential but also commercial settings like hotels and spas. Widely used in Finland, the birthplace of saunas, Spruce wood reflects the country’s rich sauna culture and craftsmanship. For authentic sauna experiences, Puresteam offers top-quality Spruce wood, proudly made in Finland, ensuring lasting beauty and performance in every sauna project.

canadian cidar wood

Renowned as a premium sauna wood, Canadian Cedar is prized for its beauty, durability, and aromatic fragrance. Its rich hue adds warmth to any space, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial saunas. Puresteam offers top-quality Canadian Cedar wood, ensuring an elevated sauna experience with its unmatched quality and aesthetic appeal.

Hemlock wood

With its light color and smooth texture, Hemlock wood adds a touch of sophistication to any sauna interior. Known for its resistance to warping and decay, Hemlock wood is a reliable option for both residential and commercial saunas. Puresteam offers premium-quality Hemlock wood, carefully sourced and crafted for superior performance, to elevate your sauna experience.


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