Select the right Steam Generator

The selection of the suitable steam generator hinges on the room’s dimensions and its intended usage, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

The Puresteam SS Steam Generator redefines quality and strength, perfect for enhancing steam experiences at home or in commercial settings. With its robust chrome body finish and intuitive touch controller, the AT-86, this powerhouse promises both elegance and durability.

Offering power options from 6kW to 18kW, the Puresteam SS Steam Generator caters to diverse needs, ensuring top-notch performance in any environment. Plus, its Auto drain system ensures a clean tank, prolonging the longevity of the steam generator.

Experience the epitome of luxury and power with the Puresteam SS Steam Generator.

The ST Steam Generator stands as the epitome of reliability and durability, tailored specifically for commercial use. With its robust construction and rigid build, this powerhouse promises unmatched strength, ensuring longevity even in high-demand environments. Equipped with a manual drain system, maintenance is simplified, offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance.

Featuring a wide power range from 6kW to 18kW, the ST Steam Generator adapts effortlessly to sauna rooms of any size. Whether it’s a compact space or a sprawling establishment, this versatile unit delivers consistent steam output, providing optimal comfort and relaxation for patrons.

Experience the reliability and affordability of the ST Steam Generator. Its sturdy construction, coupled with cost-effective maintenance solutions, makes it the preferred choice for commercial ventures seeking robust steam generation capabilities.

Introducing the ST-Black Steam Generator, an upgraded version of the ST model, engineered for unparalleled durability and performance in commercial settings. With its enhanced robustness and strength, this powerhouse sets a new standard for reliability, ensuring years of consistent operation even in demanding environments.

Featuring an innovative auto drain feature, the ST-Black Steam Generator simplifies maintenance, keeping the tank clean and prolonging its longevity. This advanced functionality reduces manual intervention and enhances overall efficiency, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliability and convenience.

With a wide power range from 4.5kW to 24kW, the ST-Black Steam Generator effortlessly accommodates sauna rooms of any size, providing consistent steam output for optimal comfort and relaxation. Elevate your commercial steam experience with the ST-Black Steam Generator, where durability meets innovation for unrivaled performance.

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Coming sOON

steam Generator

Introducing our forthcoming premium steam generator, designed for the ultimate luxury experience. With mobile control, speaker connectivity, an aroma pump, and a built-in auto-drain, this unit offers unparalleled convenience and relaxation.

Enjoy complete control from anywhere with mobile connectivity, while speaker integration adds ambiance to your session. Infuse scents with the aroma pump and ensure hassle-free maintenance with the built-in auto-drain. Stay tuned for the launch of this cutting-edge product, redefining luxury steam experiences.

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