Abachi Wood Sauna Panels 2400x95x12mm Sauna Rooms Panels

Transform your sauna with premium Abachi wood panels – durable, luxurious, and expertly crafted for an elevated experience. Unmatched quality in Dubai.


  1. Unaltered Natural Dimensions:
    • Wall & Roof Panels: 2400x95x12mm
    • Floor & Chair Panels: 2400x42x18mm Preserving the authentic dimensions of the natural wood for an unaltered sauna experience.
  2. Raw Organic Material: Sourced from nature, our panels are in their natural state, showcasing the raw beauty and authenticity of the wood.
  3. Thermal Efficiency of Natural Wood: Harness the innate thermal properties of natural wood, providing efficient insulation for a cozy and eco-friendly sauna environment.
  4. Easy Integration: Despite being untouched, our natural wood panels effortlessly integrate into your sauna space, offering an authentic and harmonious aesthetic.
  5. Versatile Natural Design: Adaptable to various sauna styles, allowing the organic charm of natural wood to complement your preferences.
  6. Untreated Surface: Experience the genuine touch of natural wood with an untreated surface, celebrating the unaltered beauty of the material.
  7. Resilience in Natural State: Even in its untouched form, our natural wood panels resist wear and tear, demonstrating inherent durability in sauna conditions.
  8. Sustainable Origins: Sourced responsibly from sustainable forests, our commitment to environmental stewardship ensures a natural and eco-friendly choice.


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